Welcome to our Links page where you’ll find easy access to the websites of some of our key suppliers along with other sites, which we think, you may find interesting such as photographic blogs, respected photographers and competitions.

It’s a page that should be your gateway to both information and inspiration.

Company Websites


DLK Collection
New York City probably has more photography galleries than anywhere in the world per sq mile which makes NYC blogger Loring Knoblauch’s DLK Collection required reading. It is predominantly dedicated to reviewing photography exhibitions with a target audience of photography collectors but the high quality and detail of the reviews means it has relevance to anyone with a serious interest in photography.


No Caption Needed
No Caption Needed is a book and a blog, each dedicated to discussion of the role that photojournalism and other visual practices play in a vital democratic society. No caption needed, but many are provided. . . .


The Online Photographer
TOP is a daily news website for photo enthusiasts, in blog format. Our past contributors number more than 50 writers, including professional photographers, several photography magazine veterans, and writers from other fields who have a special interest in photography.


Kodak’s 1000 words
This blog from Kodak is full of examples about how you can take your photographs (or those of your customers if you run a retail business) and turn them into gifts, art or any one of a number of quirky ideas along with some stunning imagery.

Or you may want to visit this site and discover something new!



Terry O’Neill
Terry O’Neill is one of the world’s most collected photographers whose work hangs in national art galleries and private collections worldwide. For over six decades, he has photographed the frontline of fame, from the greats of screen and stage to presidents, prime ministers and rock stars.


David Bailey
Widely regarded as one of the greatest British photographers, David Bailey’s site is short on words but overflowing with iconic images from British Society and life.


Mark Bauer
Lesser known but one of our favourite’s, Mark is based in Dorset and specialises in atmospheric images of the south west of England. He supplies stock images for editorial and advertising use and his images have been published around the world.